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Product Code:CREATIN 160 veggie-capsules a 600mg
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The natural miracle substance CREATINE that makes your muscles grow stronger and helps them perform more effectively.
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CREATINE:  the legal muscle-blowing substance


The natural miracle substance that makes your

muscles grow up to 10% fasterz1 0 veggie-style fotos perfekt-ttt29

The natural miracle substance CREATINE that makes your muscles grow stronger and helps them perform more effectively.

Amazingly, you can develop 10% more muscle mass simply by taking 30 grams of Creatine supplements a day. It is a 100% safe substance. In comparison, an athlete needs to eat 10 kilograms of meat, or salmon, a day to achieve the same results. Luckily, we can simply buy Creatine as a supplement and supply our bodies with a few tablespoons a day. Our Creatine is 100% animal free, as it is produced in a laboratory by reacting 2 substances which create the high energy compound Creatine - and this withour the use of animal sources.

But what exactly is Creatine?

Creatine is a compound of the amino acids Arginin, Methionin and Glycin. Our own body produces Creatine and stores around 120 grams of it as Creatine Phosphate. The problem is that most of our Creatine is used for energy during physical workouts. The empty Creatine stores have to be refilled.

Most of the world’s top athletes use Creatine because it makes them stronger, giving them up to 10% more muscles, and best of all, it is not on the illegal doping list.


z1 0 veggie-style fotos perfekt-ttt5Creatine is not doping – although it can make your muscles become 10% bigger

WHAT exactly does Creatine do to our bodies?


Numerous studies have shown that Creatine is one of the best natural supplements for making you stronger. It allows you to do more reps using the same weight. It also shortens muscle recuperation time.

When and how much Creatine should I take?

When you start to take Creatine, you should “load” your body up with the substance. Start by taking 10-30 grams (2-6 teaspoons) during the first 5-7 days.

In the following weeks you should take only 5 grams (1 teaspoon) twice a day.

The most effective way for your body to absorb Creatine is when you dissolve it in a natural juice or in a carbohydrate drink.

The best time to take Creatine is one hour before your workout. This gives it sufficient time to reach your muscles. It will provide an important energy source for the muscle cells.

You can take Creatine every day, but you should allow your body some time “off” every 6 weeks. This will stimulate your body to continue producing Creatine itself, and prevent it from relying solely on the supplement.


How does Creatine work in our body?

When we train with weights, our body obtains a large part of its energy from an anaerobic chemical reaction involving adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Whenever our muscles contract, energy is released by separating one phosphate molecule from the ATP, leaving behind adenosine diphosphate (ADP). Now comes the interesting part, in each cell of our body we have mitochondria that are like small nuclear power plants. In them, we have stores of Creatine phosphate. The Creatin phosphate helps us refill our energy stores by facilitating a new phosphate molecule to convert ADPs back into ATPs - the best energy source for our muscles.

Creatine is one of the best studied supplements with proven benefits for the entire body. The best example:

Creatine enhances the release of the human growth hormone, HGH.z1 0 veggie-style fotos perfekt-ttt114


Studies show that supplements containing a high dose of Creatine increase the release of HGH at times of relaxation. We also know that training with heavy weights when Creatine is present in our muscles enhances the release of HGH. Scientists believe this is one of the reasons why Creatine is so effective in building lean muscle tissue.



Creatine reduces the risk of cardiac failure

Homocysteine is a substance found in our body which increases the risk of heart disease more than common cholesterol. In several studies, Creatine has been shown to reduce the body’s homocysteine levels. Tests have also shown that Creatine has a positive effect on the health of patients with cardiovascular problems. Creatine was shown to improve the heart’s efficiency by strengthening this vital organ.

Creatine gives you power!

Creatine is one of the best supplements for improving the energy balance of our entire body. It helps to strengthen active tissues like muscles, the heart, and even our brain. It is interesting that a lot of anti-ageing products like CoQ10, NAD, Acetyl-1-Carnitine, and Lipoic acid, are designed to improve the synthesis of ATP in the mitochondria.



Creatine is available as a supplement in many different forms. Studies have shown that the best form is as Creatine Monohydrate, because our body is able to absorb 90% of it.


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