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MORINGA OLEIFERA in 100 veggie-capsules

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Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder in Veggie Capsules from Veggie Style is 100% Natural, Organic and RAW
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EN-PRODUCT-INFO-VEGAN-SUPPLEMENT-MORINGA1Veggie-Style-Vegan-Supplement-Moringa-Olifeira-powder-and-capsulesMORINGA is a unique high conentrated

multivitamin/mineral & protein power plant. Including all essential aminoacids, coenzymes, 46 different antioxidants and Chlorophyll.


One Veggie Style Moringa Bottel contains 100 veggie capsules filled with 400g each of 100% RAW Organic Moringa Leaf Powder costs only 14,70 Euros


Our Veggie Style Moringa Powder is 100% natural as it contain dried moringa leaf powder – and this powder is a nutrition bomb, as it contains in a natural unmanipulated way a total of 90 different nutrients including a complete protein, and a complete range of vitamins, minerals, faty acids, and antioxidants. This unique and power full natural nutrient formula helps you to loose weight, feels full of energy, be fit ans stay healthy. It helps you to controle your appetite, as your body gets all nutritions you will suffer less hunger and you will be able to train harder and strong in order to burn the maximum amount of bofy fat.


So if you life a healthy and fit lifestyle, than Moringa should be one of your well being components beside a regular training and a good plant based nutrition.


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