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Veggie Style is a small 100% vegan company created as a result of my entire life – I am veggie since age of 14 and I love to train with weights since I am about 17 – so veggie style is part of my life style


And I want to introduce myself proper:


My name is Carlos Barbón, and I am veggie since 1985, when at the age of 14 years, at a family meeting, my family decided to buy 2 living sweet rabbits with the intention to eat them later. It was a horrible nightmare-day as first they allow us kids to play with this sweet animals &  enjoy this lovely animals – until the moment my aunty grabbed them and killed them in front of us – this was such a trauma for us kids, that at this day I decided to never eat animals again, when hours later they called us too eat out friends.

At this moment my mama didn’t care about my decision to don’t eat any animal again, as she thought, “OK – if he does not eat now, he will eat later…” but this moment never came – as from this moment on I never ever did eat any king of animal ( so no fish, no chicken, no meat no animals at all). Unfortunately in the German library, there was only 1 book about vegetarism and in this old book from 1985 they did recommend to eat milk and eggs – I was young and believed in this wrong information – as it is not fair to eat eggs or milk products – first: to obtain them, the cows and chickens has to suffer and they are killed (basically all baby males) and second: Our body does NOT NEED them – they are even unhealthy!

I never liked cheese and milkproducts, but because of the sport I was trusting that book and eat eggs as protein-source. Lucky I was able soon to realize this so that I stopped eating eggs as protein source, once I was confident enough to obtain all my protein from beans, lentils, spinach, nuts, peas, vegetables and simply: Protein is in all my plant foods and it is cruelty free!




And being vegan was my big advantage when I started at age of 16-17 to lift weight – at this moment I already did know a lot about nutrition and where I have to get my protein from. This gave me such an advantage that I never even was tempted to take a shortcut about unhealthy poisoning steroids. I was lucky that my vegan lifestyle and my plant foods was so perfect that I did get all my nutrients from them and besides I was having good Genes – from a very thin teenager with 1,7m to a more then 110kg adult.


And now I am very, very happy that I decided to be vegan as such a young age – I am vegan as I love nature and therefore it was for me never a question to think about taking anabolic steroids – and now at age of 43 I am very happy that I stayed natural all my years and this gives me the advantage, that I can train all year around with the same weights and intensity and I don’t need to worry about the dangerous poisoning effects of this doping substances – I don’t’ need to worry about a broken liver, or heart diseases and heart strokes. Besides, by eating only plants I am much more healthy as a vegan lifestyle gives many health advantages, keep young and I don‘t need to worry about cholesterol, heart diseases and even the risk of cancer is much lower for vegans.


So please follow my advice and life and enjoy a healthy vegan lifestyle – it is cruelty free, as no animal need to suffer and it is healthier for your body.


So Veggie-Style is the result of my entire life – I am 29 years veggie – and I train about 27 years – this means it is my proper lifestyle and in Veggie-Style I want to offer all nutrition-rich-plants in an easy to take way – like in our water soluble natural plant protein shakes.

I am proud that our protein shakes are 100% natural, 100% vegan and they don’t contain any kind of chemical additives – it contains all natural nutrients and ingredients including the natural flavor with cacao and vanilla. Also the Protein-Isolate is extracted on a 100% mechanical way by mixing rice and pea flour and by processing this natural ingredient inside a water centrifuge we separate the protein from the other components like fiber and carbohydrates with the result after filtering and milling of a very fine 86% protein powder – no chemicals are used and the entire process stays under 42ºC.PharmaversusNatural


And why should you risk in taking chemical vitamins and minerals if Mother Nature offers us already many plant foods which are very rich in all nutrients? Take for example the Goji Berries: They are so high in vitamin C – why should you take an artificial produced vitamin C if you can just take Goji Berries – We use all the nutrient rich plants and algae’s – we cultivate them following the organic agriculture rules and once they are harvest we dry them gently and pulverize them. Later we combine some of them so that we obtain  a very nutrition rich natural supplement formula which covers a wide range of al micro and macro nutrients in a natural al healthy and cruelty free way


And here I copy a few of my Facebook posts – feel free to ad me or follow me as I will publish advices of vegan nutrition and weight training also from other vegan athletes


Have a great Day

Carlos Barbón










































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eggie Style Supplements are
100% Natural
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and powerful nutrition
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Veggie Style è VEGAN al 100%. La nostra squadra e la nostra macchina È 100% VEGAN

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