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100% Natural

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Written by Sábado, 18 Mayo 2013 00:00;
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All our ingredients are 100% Natural


We use exclusively natural plants and algaes. The only exeption is our Product Creatine - which is a chemical compound - but since it showed to have a positive efect on the performance of vegan atletes we decided to offer the purest form of creatine carbohydrate, with the brand CREAPURE.


Beside this we limit to use the power of nature and offer nutrients which nature offers us in the variety of plants and algaes


Even our Protein - Shakes are 100% Natural since the extraction process is based on a pure mechanical process based on water. We take our pea and rice flour and in a hidro centrifuge we seperate the protein from the carbohydrates and fiber optaining after a filtration and milling process a very high percentage of natural plant protein

Your Veggie Style Team

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eggie Style Suplementos son
100% Naturales
libre de crueldad y

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Veggie Style es una empresa 100% VEGAN.
Nuestro equipo y nuestra maquinaria
es 100% VEGAN

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