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Wake-Up 100 veggie-capsules

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Wake-Up 100 veggie-capsules
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Wake Up Herbal Energy- Formula 




You feel tired, sleepy, can’t concentrate and you feel without energy then you need to try our special energy Formula Wake-Up


It helps you to heave a clear mind, be more focused, be more concentrate, feel with more energy and helps to change a lethargic tired moot to a more euphoric and happy mood. It is Ideal for moments where you need to have this extra on concentration and energy, like in the job or perfect if you take it 1-2 hours before your workout to ensure a great training full of energy.



Green Tea Extract



Green Tea is very well known as stimulant able to elevate our mental and physical awareness and consciousness – it gives us this extra energy to me mental and physically stronger and more resistance. Green Tea helps us to convert our status from tired to euphoric.



Korean Ginseng



Many different phytochemicals contained in the Korean Ginseng have many different health benefits, such as a better brain activity. It enhances memory and improves cognitive abilities while at the same time it is a great weapon against symptoms of stress making us stronger against such situations.circel-corean-ginseng.png


Ginkgo Biloba



 In the Chinese medicine, Ginkgo Biloba is much known and appreciated as it enhances memory and brain function and therefore it is a very good help for our well being and positive energy levels.

circel-ginkgo biloba.png






The energizing plant Guarana is very popular at the habitants of the Brazilian Amazon as it gives this extra energy. One energizing component of the guarana seed is very similar to the one of the caffeine. It increases the concentration, helps to have a clear head and increases also the libido.








Prueba Natur-Burn, difruta de los entrenos, come sano y verás como logras bajar estos Kilos de maswake-up-label



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