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VEGGIE STYLE Chlorella Veggie Style Chlorella Powder offers any athlet with a healthy lifestyle a 100% vegan supplement with the superfood Chlorella, a natural algea, which offers a high content of all essential aminoacids & Fat Acids, Minerals and Vitami
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Our Chlorella Bottel contains 180 tables of 100% pure Chlorella for the price of 23,40 Euros


Chlorella ofers a natural high content of all essential aminoacids & Fat Acids, Minerals and Vitamins, and it is also packed with antioxidants, GLA, DNA&RNA and Chlorophyll and phythonutrients.


Chlorella is known as natures  Detoxifier and the most powerful Super foods in the world with the highest content of protein, Chlorophyll and Nucleic Acids. Our Chlorella offers in a natural way a high concentration of vital nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, fit, full of energy and young. It offers a long list of healthy benefits. It is also beneficial for:

Weight loss,

Healthy skin

The health of your Eyes & Bones

Strengthen your immune system

Spirulina helps you to feel full of energy


Chlorella contains valuable nutrients in a natural and easy to digest and high concentrated form.


VEGGIE STYLE Chlorella is grown organically in natural spring water in an biosecure area and free of any kind of pesticides, herbicides and it is Non-GMO


VEGGIE STYLE Chlorella is the best way to supply your body with natural Minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and essential fat acids such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, C and B, GLA etc.



Our Veggie Style Chlorella is organic, and as a super food it have besides many health benefits also the advantage of containing so many essential nutrients that it gives you more energy and power for your training sessions, whether at the gym or at any sport field.

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Chlorella stands for important health benefits with a high concentration of important nutrients.


Our Chlorella taps contain 100% Organic Chlorella, and we don’t ad anything else in them, so no fillers preservatives – just natural and powerful chlorella.


Chlorella has a higher content of vitamins and minerals, and it leads even in some content against some vegetable which are know in high content of specific nutrient.




For example in the case of Spinach and Iron. 100g of spinach have 2mg of Iron; versus Chlorella has 164 mg of iron.




And like this we can list many more examples, like the Vitamin B2 Content of chlorella, which is much higher than the one found in Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots or Pumpkins – same happens with Vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin B1.




A few of the important health benefits of Chlorella is besides of the detoxification effect is that it improves our digestive process, it gives our body energy and strengthen our immune system so that our body is stronger against any disease.


And important for anyone: Chlorella supports the health of our body’s cardiovascular system.


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Chlorella is not only nutrient-dense, it also contains more nucleic acids (for the production of the important RNA and DNA of each and every one of our body cells. There is nearly no other food, with such a high content of nucleic acids which rounds about the 11,17mg of DNA and 102mg of RNA per 100mg.




The Chlorophyll content is also much higher compare for example to broccoli. Each 100g of our Veggie Style Chlorella contains 115mg of Chlorophyll.




The detoxification effect of Chlorella is based on the fact, that Chlorella has the capacity to absorb heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium uranium and other dangerous contaminations of our environment, which we accumulate over the years in our body converting it to a dangerous and slowly toxification of our bodies. So we can take the chance of detoxification our body by using this special capacity of the chlorella cell it operates like an imam, binding all heavy metals, and like this we flush them out of our body.

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This effect could be proven in many scientific studies in where scientists could calculate that specially when exposed to high contaminated areas, chlorella lowers the contamination inside the body. In another study it could be proven, that breastfeeding mother was having less dioxin in the mother milk when they was adding into their diet chlorella.





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