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VEGGIE STYLE Spirulina Veggie Style Spirulina Powder offers any athlet with a healthy lifestyle a 100% vegan supplement with the superfood Spirulina, a natural algea, which offers a high content of all essential aminoacids & Fat Acids, Minerals and Vitamins
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EN-PRODUCT-INFO-VEGAN-SUPPLEMENT-SPIRULINASpirulina-from-veggie-styleVEGGIE STYLE Spirulina Veggie Style Spirulina Powder offers any athlet with a healthy lifestyle a 100% vegan supplement with the superfood Spirulina, a natural algea, which offers a high content of all essential aminoacids & Fat Acids, Minerals and Vitami

1Veggie-Style-Vegan-Supplement Spirulina tttpngTaste the power of nature with our Veggie Style Organic RAW Spirulina


Each Bottel contains 180 tables of 100% pure Spirlina get it now for the price of 14,90 Euros





Our VEGGIE STYLE Microalgae SPIRULINA offer in a natural way a high concentration of vital nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, fit, full of energy and young. It offers a long list of healthy benefits. It is also beneficial for:

Weight loss,

Healthy skin

The health of your Eyes & Bones

Strengthen your immune system

Spirulina helps you to feel full of energy


Spirulina contains valuable nutrients in a natural and easy to digest and high concentrated form. First of all, Spirulina has an unique high content of protein which is between 53-62% – and the best: This protein composed and contain all essential aminoacds, including Glutamin and BCAAs.

Besides mother nature offer in spirulina another natural advantage: Based on the fact, that the cell walls of the spirulina are very soft, it offers the advantage, that all nutrients are easily and fast assimilated by ower body. And the protein in spirulina does not offer the high alergeens which are maynly in soy protein, dietary protein or eg protein.


VEGGIE STYLE Spirulina is grown organically in natural spring water in an biosecure area and free of any kind of pesticides, herbicides and it is Non-GMO


VEGGIE STYLE Spirulina is the best way to supply your body with natural Minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and essential fat acids – it is natural, plant based and organic. Spirulina is an excellent source of natural Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A and it is the only plantbased source for human active vitamin B12.z1 0 veggie-style fotos perfek-tttt71


Spirulina helps you to improove in any kind of resistance and strenghts sports.


Our Organic grown Spirulina is cultivated in an biosecure environment and grows in natural springwater and is fed with organic grown minerals. Our Spirulina are regularey controles following the german rules for biological agriculture ideology.

Therfore our organic Spirulina powder as same as our organic spirulina offer a high content of beneficial nutrients, which are:


All essential Aminoacids in high concentration, which is in each 100g of spirulina:

Isoleucin 3.30 g


Leucin 5.00 g


Lysin 2.60 g


Methionin 0.90 g

1VeggieStyle VeganSupplement SpirulinaTT

Phenylalalin 2.20 g


Threonin 2.40 g


Tryptophan 0.66 g


Valin 3.60 g



Beside it has a high content of Beta Karotin (Vitamin A)

Essential Fat acids (Omega 3,6, 9 and Gama Linolic acid)

Chlorophyl, nucleic acids and many other phytonutrients


The so called arthrospira platensis blue-green algae has usually absorbes all toxins and bacterias of contaminated water – therefore it is crusial to only cosume spirulina like the Veggie Style Spirulina, chich is grown in an controlled bio sevure environment growing in clean springwater and exclusively feed with organic nutrients.


Spirulina offers also the befefit of detoxing your body. It is considered as a natural cleanser which helops your body to eliminate many deadly toxins such as mercury. Therefore you can experience at the beginning of taking spirulina some sideeffects of this detoxification which can be nauseas or headace – once, this is passed, your body is cleaned out of the toxins it did accumulate over the years and you can start to enjoy of the energizing benefits of spirulina.


Spirulina is also very rich in antioxidants which proved on cientific studies to prevent cancer.z1 0 veggie-style fotos perfekt-ttt87


And what is important for the well being? – Anti Aging all high concentrated nutrients combined with the high amount of antioxidants helps your body to stay young woth a healthy skin and bones


Besides the vitamins of the B complex, and D, E, A and K vitamins, spirulina has one interesting fact – it does not contain any vitamin C – but this is not negative, as there are many fruits and plants which offer a high content of vitamin C.




Sppirulina contains also Vitamin E, vitamin B1, and B2 and is a very seldom plantbased source containing human cative vitamin B12 – very important if you are following a vegan diet.

Besides, the content of minerals are important and spirulina offers a natural source of iron, selenium, copper, zinc, manganese and chromium.


To bring it to the point: Spirulina is one natural plantbased superfood considered as natural multivitamin/mineral/protein complex.

Specially when you are an athlere or an a weighloss or muscle gain diet,  you need to supply your body with all nutrients he needs, and spirulina is a very good and natural option. IN Many cientific studies it could be prove, that spirulina has many positive effects on your fitness and health, such as fighting diabetes, depression, heart diseases, it helps to improve the production of red blood cells and In gernerall your immunsystem gets stronger after a supplementation with spirulina for several weeks.


Spirulina is ideal for all athlets who want to become stronger and faster and build more muscle mass  and as is a great souce of energy, you experience that you feel more power full for each trainingsession – and any athlete knows, that this is one important fact for improoveing in your training- the more energy and power you feel when you go to your training session.


The antiaging effect of the nutrients contained in spirulina is enormeous – the combinations of all helps to fight free radicals and all contamination absorbed by our body whoch demage our cells. This helpos to maintain our cells intact and fight cancer and cellular degeneration.


Spirulina contains nutrients which are beneficial to the health or our cardiocascular system lowering the risk of suffering strokes and the consecuences of low bloddpressure caused by malnutrition.


Reasearches also could find out that spirulina has a very positive effect on our digestion  by fighting the bad bacterias and stimulate the beneficial intestinal flora mayinly the bifidobacteria and the lactobacillus.



Taste the power of nature with our Veggie Style Organic RAW Spirulina




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